Oct. 7, 2022

BON SIMAN means A pleasant week.

It's our Papiamentu language 'custom' to express first the 'Bon Bini' to all from outside visiting the island, .A Welcome embrace.
We wish each other the Bon dia, good morning, bon tardi, good afternoon, and the big hit is
BON SIMAN and you have to be the first to say, Bon Siman.

That's the great sound of 'PEACE' that moves in all parts of the world
to confirm 'peace' together.

It's the allowing to 'have a good one - to wish you well.

Otherwise, at end of the week, you'll say, Felis Weekend
but also in a sense 'I'm glad to be done for the week. It's of course
weekend. Let's drink to it (for the forgotten week!)

Ultimately from the aspect of well-being, make sure to
allow every moment for new beginnings
(which are freshly new starts).